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Heavy pollen coats the valley, people rush to the doctor's and drug stores


Spring is in full bloomand with that comes sneezing, coughing, and watery eyes for many.

For some the yellow powder coveringtheir car and everything else can be an annoyance but for others, pollen canliterally stop them in their tracks.

"Spring is [hittingus] early and hard," Family practitioner Dr. Kandra Watson said.

Dr. Watson of MyCareUrgent Care on South Lumpkin Rd in Columbus said the early on-set of springtime allergens, pollen and mold, had many flocking to the doctor's office.

"People who say theynormally don't have allergies are coming in with the allergy symptoms so no oneis being spared," Watson said.

The symptoms range from a runnynose to swollen glands.

"There's coughing, sneezing,some even have a tickle in their throat."

Watson says for those whodeal with allergies on a regular basis over the counter medications do workwell.

"[I recommend] Claritin,Zyrtec, and Allegra. The generic brands work just as well as the name brands,"said Dr. Watson.

However, sometimes takinga trip to the drug store is not enough.

"When it gets to the pointwhere it's interfering with your sleep, interfering with your day on a regularbasis, then it's probably time to come in and visit your medical professional,"Dr. Watson said.

According to Weather.comthe pollen count for Columbus is already considered very high and doesn't showany signs of letting up anytime soon.

"You're going to seeit and it's going to get worse as different flowers begin to bloom. There's afew that I've noticed have not bloomed yet but we've got more to come."

Pollen is produced bygrasses, trees, flowers and weeds, so it's pretty tough to avoid it but,

Dr. Watson said inaddition to taking medication, washing your hands and removing clothes thathave pollen on them can help relieve some of the unpleasant symptoms.

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