Organization protests to allow concealed firearms on campus

Organization protests to allow concealed firearms on campus

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - Although the weapons are concealed, the debate is out in the open.

This week the Auburn University chapter of Students for Concealed Carry is raising awareness about the possibility of allowing concealed firearms on campus.

"Basically, the organization promotes that if you can carry legally off campus a handgun to protect yourself and you are licensed, then you should be able to carry one on campus as well," says David Shamp, Vice President of Students of Concealed Carry.

Since its foundation after the Virginia Tech massacre, Students for Concealed Carry has put the issue in the spotlight, with chapters at nearly 500 colleges and universities

This week, organizations across the nation are participating in the Empty Holster Protest.

"The empty holster symbolizes our defenselessness on universities and colleges across the state that don't allow students to carry firearms and especially here at Auburn University students can't carry even if you have a pistol permit," explains Shamp.

Auburn University currently does not allow ammunition or weapons of any sort or on campus.

However, University officials say a change in the future is always a possibility.

"Right now there is no talk of changing it," explains Randall Cerovsky, Associate Director of Public Safety. "Like I said, I think Auburn as well as other universities are just waiting to see what legislation because really there is so much legislation out there right now that people are considering, there's not need in changing something and then six months from the change we made isn't in line with what's passed."

Even though Auburn is a "gun free zone" Shamp hopes legislation will prohibit universities from restricting the rights of individuals.

"Signs don't stop criminals, so we feel like it's definitely pertinent."

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