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Rangers compete for the title of "Best Ranger" 2013


Men from all over thecountry have descended on Fort Benning to prove they are the best!

At the break of dawn, the30th annual Best Ranger Competition kicked off with one team bowing out beforethe tough even got going.

News Leader 9 joinedthe rangers at the infamous Darby Queen obstacle course, as they climbed,groaned, and swung through day one of the competition. "[Darby Queen] is aone point four mile obstacle course. It has approximately 26 obstacles that weexecute. It takes between 20 to 25 minutes for them to execute all the events," 413B BravoCompany Sergeant First Class Michael Hall said.

Before they made it to thecourse, 49 teams of two ran 16.4 miles before the sun came up.  The teams scaled walls,climbed structures, and ran on very little food and sleep.

The Rangers marchedupwards 45 miles on the first day of the three day event.

"A lot of what we dohere we take to combat as far as our physical fitness, and our mentaltoughness. It's all culminated here at the Best Ranger Competition," Sfc.Hall said.

The sequester cuts havehad an impact on the competition, not as many bullets will fire and some eventswill be modified but rangers say the title is as prestigious as ever.

"This is the biggestevent the army has. It's one of the most prestigious things the winning teamwill ever accomplish in their lives as well as their careers," said Sfc.Hall.

The competition is namedafter retired Lt. Gen. David E. Grange Jr.  Grange is a veteran ofVietnam, World War II, and the Korean War.

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