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Columbus mother regrets allowing school to spank daughter after injury


When the East Columbus Magnet Academy called Tekicia Yancie to say that her 11-year-old daughter was misbehaving in school, they gave her the option to of receiving a three-day suspension or three spanks with a paddle.

Yancie was concerned about her daughter missing three days of school, so she chose paddling.  But ironically enough, the girl ended up missing four days to recover from injuries sustained from the punishment.

"You go to the office, you get your paddle, and if you feel it, you might not go back.  But it was more than just a feel, she felt it for several days- two, three weeks she felt it," said Yancie.

Yancie observed the black and blue marks on her daughter's rear end and was advised by a friend to get police involved.

"She told me to call the police, because if I sit around and wait on it, and she goes back to school Monday, they might put it back on me," said Yancie.

After filing a police report, Yancie and her daughter went to Saint Francis Hospital where she was treated for the bruises.

"When I got paddled, it felt like he was hitting me with something else because it really hurt.  I told him that he was hitting me hard.  And, when I got finished being paddled, I ran in the corner and started crying," said 11-year-old Jordyn Booth.

Booth was accused of bullying another student by drawing a picture of him wearing long hair in pigtails. The student's hair is short in real life.  Yancie is not sold on whether she would consider her daughter's actions a form of bullying, but she recognizes that schools can't take chances anymore.

"I have talked to her about that, because they take bullying seriously, period, around the nation now because of so many incidents," said Yancie. 

Booth may be one of the last children to receive this form of punishment in Columbus. Very recently, the Superintendent of Muscogee County Schools proposed the district permanently ban what some consider an outdated policy.  Board members are set to officially vote on that resolution at an April 22 meeting.

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