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WTVM 4/15/13 Editorial: Removing corporal punishment in schools

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To spank...or not to spank?

It seemed to be commonplace punishment decades ago, at home and at school, and times have changed.

Just a few days ago, the Muscogee County School Board voted to remove corporal punishment from all schools in Columbus.

They'll vote on changes to the student handbook on April 22.     

Nowadays, many teachers may be worried about even touching students for fear of losing their jobs or being arrested for assault.     

Parents in this 21st Century don't want to be accused of child abuse.

As we take away forms of punishment in schools, the burden falls even more on moms and dads to do their job, which includes disciplining your kids when they do something wrong.

We're not saying you need to paddle your children, but you do need to hold them accountable.

Georgia law allows parents to use corporal punishment against misbehaving children, but they cannot cause serious injuries.

That also applies to schools, but it is severely regulated.

We agree with interim superintendent John Phillips, who says the school district needs to find other means besides physical force to discipline students.

That doesn't mean we allow students to get off scott-free when they say or do something horrible.

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