New immigration form for employers goes into effect May 7

(WTVM) - Many small business owners across the nation could be blindsided with fines because of a new law tackling illegal immigration.

The I9 is a federal form every employer must fill out on every new hire documenting the employee is eligible to work legally in the United States.

It goes into effect May 7.

Three organizations in Alabama, including the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, are partnering to offer free online training to help business owners comply with these new and complicated requirements.

"It's a mandated form and if an employer doesn't do this and they get an audit by immigration, Customs and Enforcement, ICE, they can be subjected to fines from $110 for a technical error up to $1,000 per form either they do not have or didn't fill out completely," said Tommy Eden, management labor attorney.

The comprehensive online training is designed to help anyone assigned with hiring workers understand all facets of the new I9 compliance provisions.

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