Auburn citizen survey results revealed

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - It is good news if you live in the city of Auburn.

The results of the 2013 Citizen Survey were presented Tuesday to the Council by the ETC Institute.

The Citizen Survey is the City's annual report card where residents can share opinions on how the city is doing providing city services.

Surveys were mailed to 1,500 random homes and 675 people responded.

The City of Auburn exceeds the national average in 57 areas with 49 areas significantly above average.

The top two areas residents feel the most confident about is the Public Safety Department and the quality of public schools.

"Overall the City of Auburn is one of the best performing cities in the entire country. Our firm does work with over 600 cities and counties nationwide and Auburn is in the top ten percent of all the cities with regard to the performance of city services," explains Vice President of ETC Institute, Chris Tatham.

One area that council was surprised about was the perception of the value received from the taxes and fees Auburn residence pay.

75 percent of people approve of how their taxes dollars are being spent.

Two areas that the city is recommended to continue to prioritize are the flow of traffic and maintenance of city streets and facilities.

The citizen survey plays a key role in the formulation of the future budget and project priorities.

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