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Suspicious package sent to Senator Shelby's office

Senator Richard Shelby (Photo: WBRC video) Senator Richard Shelby (Photo: WBRC video)

Authorities locked down Alabama Senator Richard Shelby's office in Washington, D.C. Wednesday due to concerns about a suspicious package.

"The Capitol Police are investigating a suspicious package delivered to our front office," a spokesman for Sen. Shelby told CNN's Dana Bash.

Security cleared the hall, but have since left the area. They gave no indication whether or not the poison ricin was found in the package.

This comes after letters mailed to some U.S. Senators and President Obama were found to be laced with traces of the poison ricin. The first ricin letter discovered was sent to Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker and was found a day after the tragic terrorist bombing at the Boston Marathon.

The AP is reporting the letters to the president and Wicker both said, "To see a wrong and not expose it, is to become a silent partner to its continuance." Both are signed, "I am KC and I approve this message."

A press release issued by the FBI on Tuesday says the investigation has not connected the tainted letters to the Boston Marathon bombing. The investigation is ongoing and the FBI states that more letters may be received.

No problems have been reported at Sen. Shelby's Birmingham office.

Fox6 News spoke with former U.S. Attorney Doug Jones about the suspicious letters. Jones is experienced dealing with domestic terrorism. He prosecuted two the 16th Street Baptist Church bombers and was also involved in the investigation for abortion clinic bomber Eric Rudolph.

It's Jones assessment whoever sent the contaminated letters is "a whacko," especially since a Democratic president and possibly conservative Republicans were being targeted. Jones said it's ironic this happens the day after the national celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King's "Letter from the Birmingham Jail."

"It's ironic to me the the day after we see the letter from the Birmingham Jail and how someone challenged authority and fought against an unjust law. Now you have somebody tying to use that quote in an immoral way," Jones said.

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