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Auburn runner recalls Boston bombings


Beth Kisor, Auburn resident, mother of two boys and seasoned marathon runner, was participating in her first Boston Marathon on Monday.

With her husband's support from the crowd, she was less than mile from the finish line when the explosions occurred.

"Immediately after about a quarter mile I was able to determine something had happened," says Kisor. "There was a massive response from the police on foot and in cars and it seemed as though we might had heard something. Very soon after we were stopped and we waited several minutes until we heard by reports from people having their phones that there had been an explosion at the finish line."

Moments before the explosion, Kisor and her husband had made plans to meet at the finish line.

However, by a twist of fate, neither of them made it there.

"He was supposed to be at the finish line, that was our original plan and someone on the course just happened to tell him that I think you'll have a better view of your wife if you actually wait to see her at mile 25. The finish line is very crowded and you probably won't get a good view of her and I'm thankful that he made that decision as things unfolded," says Kisor.

The Kisors returned home with a great deal of support from the community.

Despite events, Beth is going to continue to participate in future marathons.

She believes that the best way to make sure the bombers do not win is to continue to run.

"It's such a joyous event and accomplishment. It's just hard to believe that someone would take satisfactions and enjoyment in seeing others hurt."

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