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Identity theft victim arrested for crime she didn't commit


Monica Carter, 25, had her identity ripped from her not by a total stranger but a person she trusted.

"I was scared because I didn't know if that person had did something else in my name," she said.

According to Carter, her friend was driving with a suspended license when she was stopped and questioned by law enforcement.

"She gave the officer my date of birth, and my name, and three days prior to that she gave a sheriff's deputy my name and date of birth so she got pulled over 3 days apart with two different divisions," Carter said. 

It wasn't until weeks later during a trip to the DMV to have her license renewed that Carter found out that someone had used her name to get out of a ticket. When she went to Recorder's Court to address the issue, she was taken into custody.

"I had to post bail and the person who was there to bail me out was the person who stole my identification but I hadn't figured it out at the time,"Carter said.

That person was Carter's best friend. Since this ordeal Carter says that friend has been arrested by police and the identity theft victim is still working to clear her arrest record.

Columbus Police Sergeant Karen Gaskins told News Leader 9 that identity theft can be a major hassle for victims.

"It can create havoc trying to prove that it wasn't you that obtain that loan or it wasn't you that got that traffic ticket, someone could have gotten a fake ID using my information and get stopped so its something we need to pay attention to," Gaskins said.

Carter says she is more careful about giving out personal information to friends and even family because who you are is all you have when it comes to your identity.

If you or someone that you know has been a victim of identity theft you can report that to the federal government at this website

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