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Fierce winds whisk through the Chattahoochee Valley


Strong winds reaching nearly 50 miles per hour stormed through the Chattahoochee Valley Friday. Dozens of reports of downed trees and power lines flooded Columbus emergency workers.

Trees tumbled to the ground, on top of houses, and power lines. 

"Public Works has received approximately 62 calls for service. Several fire trucks and people have been out in the city trying to keep the public safe," Columbus Fire Marshal Chief Ricky Shores said.

Traffic on the busy intersection where Wynnton Road meets Buena Vista Road became chaotic when traffic lights stopped working. A tree on Peachtree Drive fell onto a power line blowing a transformer.

Some drivers looked confused about how to handle the clogged road way.

"Proceed as cautiously as you can. Be mindful that other drivers may not be paying attention; it could cause an accident, so try to be careful," Chief Shores said.

Before the traffic lights could be restored at that intersection, calls of trees falling on houses and several other power lines began to pour in.

"We've got service lines down from the power line to the homes, we have transmission lines down [all over]. Georgia Power representatives are out assisting and trying to make it safer [for everyone],"

According to Georgia Power more than 2,700 people were without power in our area; that number swelled to about 6,300 statewide.

Local officials said early Friday morning, the National Weather Service called to warn them of the damage the winds could cause.

Public works received more than 60 calls for help throughout the day.  It's important to remember if you see a downed power line not to touch it or go near it.

For non-emergencies you can call authorities by dialing 3-1-1 for help.

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