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Armed robbers caught on tape at Columbus Circle K


A Columbus gas station was the scene of a terrifying robbery Saturday morning.  Employees say they felt defenseless after the crime, which was caught on tape.

One of the workers says the gunmen were in and out of the store so quickly, she didn't even know the place had been robbed.

Two men stood in the parking lot of the Circle K on South Lumpkin Road in the early hours of Saturday morning, but they weren't there to buy gas.  They were looking for an opportunity.

"I feel like they waited to see everybody leave, like they were around here somewhere, casing the place.  They waited until one of them was just out here by themselves," said store employee Treshia Williams. 

As soon as one of the employees stepped into a back room, the pair of robbers entered the store.  One watched the door while the other threatened the cashier's life.

"It was two guys.  They had bandanas around their mouths.  One had a gun and the other one didn't.  He held the gun to the cashier and told him to just give it up," said Williams.

The robbery occurred in a matter of minutes, and by the time the man's co-worker, Anna London, returned, the suspects were already gone.  At first she thought he was kidding, but when she saw the register drawers on the floor, she knew it was the real thing. She says she can't believe a person would be willing to risk years in jail for a few hundred dollars.

"It's stupid.  It's just retarded.  I mean it doesn't make sense because people are out here trying to make an honest living, and you're scaring folks over a little or nothing," said London.

The employees say the incident makes them feel like they constantly have to watch their backs.

"Our job is very dangerous.  I can get robbed now- today.  Until they get caught, I don't think it's very safe," said Williams.

She told reporters she wishes there was more protection for businesses that are open late at night.

Police are actively looking for these suspects and ask that you call them at (706) 653-3400 if you have any information.  Callers can remain anonymous. 

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