Auburn police ensure fans' safety

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - As the streets are being cleared from a weekend of celebration, safety officials are also celebrating that the 83,000 AU fans who gathered in downtown Auburn Saturday showed their true character.

"We actually made no arrests during that entire event. People were very positive, very well behaved and I think everybody just had a good time and got along very well," said Interim Auburn Police Chief, Paul Register.

The amount of people that congregated Saturday afternoon to roll the Toomer's oaks one last time exceeded authority's expectations.

However, their plan of treating the event as fall football game and having every officer on duty helped to ensure the safety of residents and visitors.

"We planned to handle it just like a regular season game and had we not done that we may have had some issues with staffing, so we were very fortunate we treated it like a regular game and because of that we didn't have any issues that came up," says Register.

The trees are coming down early Tuesday morning and with Saturday's crowd in mind, Register says his team will be out there to make sure that everyone who wants to see the final chapter of the Toomer's trees can do so safely.

"After Saturday I think we do expect to have a fair number of people down there. We're going to handle it the same was as far as downtown. We are going to block downtown off so that there will be room down there for people to observe what's happening of course behind a barricaded area."

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