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Sparks fly over Liberty District master plan


For Nadine Moore, the Liberty District Mater Plan is more than just an idea: it's a reality that she has had for the historic area of Columbus for some time, a place that she once called home.

"Spent my childhood down there going to the movies that was the place where we met family members coming in to town from Alabama," Moore said.

Tuesday night Moore came to the city council meeting with hopes of re-shaping the focus and encouraging city leader to elect what she called a "champion" to spear head the project.

"That champion would also be a person who would be more interested in the people principals of the place and not necessarily all profit," Moore said.

Moore supports the original Liberty District Plan that was drafted back in 2003 by what she calls stakeholders in the community and several people with vested interest in the area.

Mayor Tomlinson came under scrutiny Tuesday night by Zeph Baker, who accused the mayor of not allowing the public to be involved in the liberty district plan process.

"My object was to get information out there and to make sure that the citizens knew what the opportunity was before it was lost."

The Columbus Housing Authority one of the biggest stakeholders in the project recently withdrew their plans to redevelop in the Liberty District. For now the mayor says plans are off the table. The $3 million that the city had vested in the project will now go towards another future project.

Nadine Moore hasn't given up hope on the project and says that it's important that people realize that this process will take time.

"This is very important to a lot of people and it's not just going to be something that is put together."

There is no word on when the Liberty District project will continue or move forward. 

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