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Soldiers build bridge across the Chattahoochee


Soldiers at Fort Benning areputting their skills to work and building a bridge that crosses the ChattahoocheeRiver.

You can see video here ofthem transporting what they call the lightweight modular causeway system.

This was originallydeveloped as a vessel-to-shore bridging capability for the navy but has thepotential to serve as a gap-crossing capability for the maneuver force.

We spoke with RossChesaniuk, a platoon leader at Fort Benning who had a huge role in thisdemonstration.

He says this type ofbridge would help them in the future on humanitary missions, as well as on thebattlefield.

"It can get medicalaid on the ground where it needs to go, get people in and out of their housequickly and assist with evacuations as necessary," said Chesaniuk.

News Leader 9 also had theopportunity to speak with one of the creators of the bridging system.

He says this exercise withthe Fort Benning soldiers will help them realize what changes they should maketo make the system more efficient.

He tells us their crewshave been working on this idea since 2008, and hope to see it used in the fieldwithin the next five to ten years.

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