AU student reports possible harassment case

AU student reports possible harassment case

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - Around 11 p.m. Saturday night, a 19-year-old Auburn University student was walking from a friend's apartment on West Glenn Avenue to her dorm when she was approached by a man driving with a young child.

He offered the young woman a ride to her dorm, and she accepted.

"She indicated that she may have seen this individual and the vehicle in the area in the past so maybe that contributed to the fact she felt comfortable accepting a ride from the individual to her residence hall," explains Captain Tom Stofer of the Auburn Police Division.

During the ride, the man placed his hand on the victim's thigh multiple times and each time she moved it away.

The man also asked the victim to go home with him, which she refused and was returned safely to her dorm.

"Should the victim decide to have the individual prosecuted, it probably would be a harassment case, but at any rate that type of conduct is something that won't be tolerated here in Auburn," says Stofer.

Now authorities are on the search for the man described as Hispanic and driving a small white four-door car with a child's car seat in the backseat.

The Auburn Department of Public Safety wants to encourage students to take advantage of the of the many safe transportation options provided by the university.

"You have different situations for on campus and off campus," explains Associate Director Randal Cerovsky., "On campus we provide the security shuttle from six at night until seven in the morning. If they're off campus they have to be thinking ahead of where the routes are for the Toomer Ten bus if they're in an area that picks up. They run eight different lines or the regular shuttle, Tiger transit."

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