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Citizens speak out about budget cuts at Fort Benning

Members of the community all came together for one common goal Wednesday night: make the budget cut process at Fort Benning as seamless as possible.  

Because of the Budget Control Act of 2011, thousands of U.S. Military jobs stand to be cut.

"In-strength has to come down from 570,000 to about 490,000 that has to be done by 2017," said Garrison Command Colonel Jeffery Fletcher. 

Already people in the community are coming out to express their concerns. Elected officials like Mayor Tomlinson spoke about banding together to not only keep Fort Benning how it is but encourage growth among the Military. Col. Fletcher says the plan for Fort Benning has yet to be relieved. 

"The Army has not made any decisions they are still in the information gathering mode which is part of that process,"  Col. Fletcher said.

Members of the community were given the opportunity to give their take on what should happen during the scale back process. Several people recommended that Columbus and neighboring cities work with Fort Benning to ensure that the base remains intact. 

"These are tough decisions that the army has to make and I think its a great initiative on the army's part to hear first hand to hear from the people that could be potentially impacted."

The details as to what will happen at the Military installation at Fort Benning is expected to be released sometime this fall. 

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