WXTX Special Report: Things You Should Never Pay Full Price For

(WXTX) - It's something we're all guilty of; stocking up on fast food condiments and saving them for a time they'll come in handy.

For some people, it's not their thing, but for others like Columbus resident Thallitha Hill it's a way to save money.

"I don't pay for ketchup, mustard, napkins, straws," says Hill.

And Hill is not alone, believe it or not there are hundreds of thousands of people in this country who don't pay for ketchup, mustard, mayo and other items they can simply grab at fast food restaurants.

"When I run out of stuff at home I always go in the refrigerator and pull them out and I use them," Hill said.

By stocking her refrigerator with the small packets along with straws and napkins, Hill saves a little over $200 a year.

"I don't like to run out of nothing, so I always keep it," Hill told Fox 54.

But if this method of saving money is a bit "too drastic" for you there are other ways to save money. For instance, given the onslaught of coupons, discount codes, and price match guarantees, you really need to think twice before paying full price for anything these days.

Whether you know it or not, there are plenty of items that you would be foolish to spend your money on. As the economy slowly inches toward recovery, every penny counts.

There are several ways you can save money on a number of things, including travel, so why pay hundreds more when you don't have to. We all know that some airlines charge for checked and carry-on bags. So next time you travel, try to book with an airline that doesn't charge excessive fees. And to get more "bang for your traveling buck" you may want to leave your calendar open. By doing so, you'd be surprised at how much money you can save.

"You just need to be aware of what your options are, you have to play with it," says AAA Travel Agent Roxanne Towler.

Knowing those options could save you tons of money in the long run is something Towler urges travelers to consider.

"Last summer I had a family of four people going to Germany for two weeks and they wanted to go during the end of may and the fair was way too high and I said if you can back it up two weeks and take an earlier date in May they saved $275 a piece," says Towler.

If you're like most people and love to eat out but can't afford to pay for the entire family consider restaurants that offer free kids meals, that is a savings within itself.

Get this: water is one of the most overpriced products with markups as high as 4,000 percent! Use tap water or a water filtration system instead and stop watching your money go down the drain.

If you love to dress up but don't want to spend a whole lot of money, there are places you can go to get that perfect outfit absolutely free. For example "Plato's Closet" is one of the hottest places in Columbus young people love to shop on a dime. That's where you can buy and sell gently used clothing that won't cost as much as buying retail.

"We do buy clothes every day. We pay cash on the spot. For these people who come in and want to trade because they want a different style of jeans they can come in, bring in some jeans or other items that they want to sell and the money we offer them for their items, they can apply it towards anything they want to buy from us, and if they can walk out of here with just trading it out, swapping it out or even getting paid to shop," says Plato's Closet Owner, Jerry Schoenherr.

And that's a bargain customers say you just can't beat!

"I have a low budget. I can't spend a lot of money, so I just shop here and it is great quality of clothes for more than half the price you would pay at the mall," says bargain shopper Sarah Fasick.

In fact, thrift store shopping has become so popular profits have transformed it into multi-billion business in the United States.

"People are realizing they have to do more things, especially if they want to get new clothes or change their style," says Schoenherr.

So whether it's stocking up on free items that will save you money at the grocery store or never paying "full price" for whatever you want to purchase, always remember there are ways you can buy the things you want without breaking the bank.

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