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Plaza Motel murder, prostitute: "...give him your money, he won't do nothing, just give him your money."


Thursday was Day 3 of the murder trial of two Columbus men accused of shooting a Fort Benning contract worker to death on September 9, 2011.

Julian Hernandez was shot to death inside Plaza Motel on Victory Drive after a drug deal went wrong.

Dominique Lowe and Calvin Denson are accused of plotting to rob and kill Hernandez after realizing he had more than $1,600 on him.

All three of the people inside the motel room the night of the murder testified by Wednesday.

Admitted prostitute and drug addict Christina Clark, admitted crack addict Stella Lindsey, and the victim's roommate Luis Hernandez- Aguires' stories didn't match up.

Clark identified Lowe as the drug dealer that bought crack cocaine to the room that night, and she identified Denson as the shooter.

Lindsey identified both suspects as the shooter in a photo lineup the day after the shooting; however, during Wednesday's testimony said she made a mistake identifying Lowe as the shooter because she was tired.

Hernandez-Aguires could not identify anyone in a photo lineup shortly after the murder nor could he when asked while testifying.

Hernandez-Aguires testified he didn't want to have a party that night.  He said he told Julian Hernandez he came to the Unites States to work, not to party.

Hernandez-Aguires also denied doing drugs or requesting Clark find powder Cocaine.

The roommate says one minute he and the victim were hanging out in the room with two women and the next minute he had a gun in his face.

"When the girl [Clark] opened the door, this black guy came in with a gun. I was so scared I didn't know what to do. The guy said, get on the floor! Get on the floor," Hernandez-Aguires said. "I was going to get on the floor but he was pointing the gun at me. Then, Julian got up and started fighting him."

Shots rang out; Luis testified he ran into the bathroom afraid for his life. Inside the bathroom was the prostitute Christina Clark.

"I asked her, what are you doing in here? She told me, give him your money, give him your money, he won't do nothing just give him your money."

Luis said he looked for places to hide his money in the bathroom.  While putting $300 in the tank of the toilet, he said he heard one more shot, then a knock at the door.

"Stella knocked on the door, for me to come out. When I came out, I saw Julian on the floor,"Hernandez-Aguires said.

Hernandez-Aguires and Lindsey ran to the manager's office to call police.     

Hernandez-Aguires was later asked to pick the suspects out in a lineup, he chose the wrong people, according to evidence presented during the trial.

The trial resumes Friday morning at 9 a.m.

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