Drive safe in inclement weather using your headlights

Drive safe in inclement weather using your headlights

(WTVM) - Columbus authorities are urging drivers to be safe on the roads. With foggy weather throughout the valley, the risk of getting into an accident is much higher.

We spoke to Sergeant Tim Wynn, with the Traffic Division of he Columbus Police Department who is urging drivers to take it slow, wear their seatbelts and be cautious of other drivers.

Even though you may not be able to control what others do on the roads, you can create a safer environment for yourself.

He says the most important thing you can do during this kind of weather is utilize your headlights.

"The headlights could be the difference in a crash, I mean you seeing the vehicle and not seeing the vehicle and it's very important you have your headlights on in these situations," Sgt. Wynn said.

He tells us so far he has not seen a higher amount of crashes than normal -- but stresses the importance of taking these safety precautions.

On many occasions fog or severe weather could be the contributing factor to a crash.

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