Man questioned in the death of girlfriend's husband

Man questioned in the death of girlfriend's husband
Travis Leonard (Russell County Jail)
Travis Leonard (Russell County Jail)

RUSSELL COUNTY, AL (WTVM) - News Leader 9 has learned Monday's shooting death of a Fort Benning soldier in Fort Mitchell is a case about a woman in love with 2 men.

Authorities say Gloria Wilson, 34, and Travis Leonard, 27, started a love affair while Gloria Wilson's husband was away at war.

"Travis Leonard lived with Gloria after he returned home from Hawaii. I think he stayed with her for a year before her husband came back from deployment," stated Sheriff Heath Taylor.

Sheriff Taylor says from all indications, it's unclear if Staff Sergeant Donald Wilson knew the relationship between his wife and Travis Leonard was more than just a friendship.

"All three were living in the house together," said Sheriff Taylor. "Mr. Wilson allowed him to stay there, but he was not ever happy with that...and I believe we can show there was turmoil there because of it."

The turmoil escalated, Sheriff Taylor believes, a month ago when Donald Wilson asked Travis Leonard to leave.

"He knew they were friends, a companion, somebody she confided in while he was gone and then there is some evidence that he potentially did know the full extent of it."

The interrogation has been going on all day and detectives say they expect the questioning to continue into the night until they find out whether Leonard had anything to do with the crime.

Leonard was arrested when he turned himself in on Wednesday morning on an unrelated outstanding burglary charge.

Right now, Sheriff Taylor says they are following up on things Leonard told deputies.

He has not been connected to the murder.

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