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Thousands of tax payer dollars fund city workers on paid leave


Three is the magic number of city employees currently on paid administrative in Columbus, but here's the kicker: two of those employees have been getting pay checks from the city for the past 18 months.

Just how much money is this costing you? We went to the mayor for the answer.

"It's been a great deal of money, hundreds of thousands of dollars the tax payers have had to pay for employees that are not actually performing services," said Mayor Teresa Tomlinson. 

One of those three employees is Regina Millirons who works in the Sheriff's office. She was placed on paid leave back in 2011 for allegedly making confidential department records public information. We spoke with Milliron's attorney Mark Shelnutt.

"We just have maintained from day one of course she has not done anything wrong and certainly haven't done anything to merit a suspension," Shelnutt said.

Millirons salary is a little over $30,000 a year. The other two employees are officers with the Columbus Police department making about the same amount. City attorney Clifton Fay says that the city has lost a little $100,000 since the suspension of these employees.

All cases are being reviewed by the district attorney's office. News Leader 9 reached out to Julie Slater on Wednesday and she told us she had no statement to make to the media about these cases at this time.

"I've certainly impressed upon the district attorney on what I think is a very important issue of a lot of public money going to keep people on administrator leave," said Slater. 

Not only is YOUR wallet taking a hit, but so is the city. Mayor Tomlinson told us Wednesday that departments like public services have to struggle to put together a budget for the upcoming year.

Attorney Mark Shelnutt says that at this point all parties involved are taking a hit and he and his client will continue to wait for a resolution.

"I can tell you this much she certainly would rather be working because she loved that, loves that place," Shelnutt said.

All of these cases remain under investigation by the city and district attorney's offices.

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