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Hey, this is Jason Dennis from WTVM. Here's what we are working on for the news at 5 and 6!

In a WTVM exclusive, we hear from the mother of a murdered soldier in East Alabama, who we now have a picture of in uniform. Hear this mom describe how her son's biggest battles were at home, not overseas.

After serving a tour of duty, a Fort Benning Lt. is welcomed back home by a pair of armed thugs trying to break into his house. The victim spoke exclusively with News Leader 9's Dante Renzulli.

There's a new trend that's sweeping the nation, even in the Bible Belt - people who have no religious affiliation. We investigate why that number is rising fast. Hear from an atheist and professor. We also talk to Columbus pastors about how they're trying to keep people in the pews. We have a preview of 11pm special report "Losing Religion."

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