16-year-old charged as adult in Roanoke shooting rampage

Montoreous Heard
Montoreous Heard

ROANOKE, AL (WTVM) - Randolph County deputies and Roanoke police are struggling to find out why 16-year old Montoreous Heard allegedly went on a deadly shooting rampage, killing two people...including his own father and critically injuring another.

The community is in mourning and shock, wondering why a teen would allegedly shoot and kill his father, then drive to a nearby convenience store, and target a couple he didn't even know.

Investigators say the killing spree began on Country Road 89, a quiet dirt road in Randolph County.

"I can't even describe how I'm feeling," said Larry Heard, grandfather of teen capital murder suspect Montoreous Heard. "Hurt…numb. I am so sorry."

Larry struggles with the murder of his son, the shooting of an innocent couple, and the arrest of his own grandson.

Sunday night around 8 p.m. police believe Heard shot and killed his father, 44-year-old Alton Heard, then stole his Ford Truck and drove it to 431 Fuel Connection in Roanoke...

Investigators say surveillance video (which they can't release) shows the teen filling the truck with diesel, paying inside, then leaving...only to return a few minutes later.

"More or less the suspect entered the store and shot the clerk multiple times and shot her husband walked out the door," said Roanoke Police Chief Adam Melton.

Mary Jones was critically injured, and her husband Richard died in the shooting. The couple's children were inside the store during the shooting, but were not wounded.

"Mr. Jones was a super guy, his wife Mrs. Jones was a super nice lady."

"Great couple, went to church with them, knew them very well, just a great couple."

Investigators say the teen drove to his step mom's house and confessed to shooting his father.

"The stepmom got him in the car and went to check on the father, called 911 was advised not to go to the scene, then my deputies intercepted them and took the teen in custody," said Chief Melton.

Larry Heard says his grandson lived with him until the age of 12. Recently, he had been expelled from school for drugs and he fought with his dad. Larry says despite those troubles, he never believed his grandson was capable of hurting anyone.

"I never saw it in him, but then again sometimes you don't see these things until it happened," said Larry.

Heard will have his hearing in the next few days. He does face two counts of capital murder and will face those charges as an adult.

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