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Expert burglars bypass alarms, steal silver from Green Island Hills neighborhood


Columbus police are on the trail of a burglar who has stolen more than $100,000 worth of silver from homes in the Green Island Hills neighborhood.

Each time, the thieves use advanced tactics to defeat activated home security systems and alarms.

"Obviously they weren't amateurs; they didn't appear to be amateurs," said Robert Poydasheff.

The former mayor of Columbus hasn't fallen victim to these strikes, but lives within a stone's throw of the affected addresses.  He's offended on a personal level by the actions of these brazen intruders.

"People work hard to accumulate what they have. For someone to go into your home and invade your privacy, stealing what may be heirlooms, is just unconscionable. There's just no excuse for it," said Poydasheff.

Some of the houses listed in the police reports are located within gated communities, equipped with the latest entry alarms and motion sensors. Investigators say the burglars got past these defenses by removing a piece of door- just enough to sneak inside, without disrupting the circuit that would set off an alarm. In at least one instance, a window pane was removed without breaking the glass.

"How they could remove a door without setting off the alarm is interesting. I would be amazed- I know we have screens in our home that, if you touch them, they will set off the alarm," said Poydasheff.

It's a plan that these burglars have successfully executed to steal silver dining sets and other antique pieces made of precious metals passed on through family generations. 

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