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Family upset after 8-year-old leaves school unnoticed


A mother in Winfield is still furious after her 8-year-old son walked away from school unnoticed.

Chief Robert Blaylock tells me officers went out searching for the boy and he was found four miles from the school. His parents are glad he is safe, but all they can think about is what could have happened.

"He could have got hit by a car, could have got picked up," said Jessica Ray. "Just anything, someone could have taken my baby."

Jessica Ray is holding her 8-year-old son Ryan a little tighter knowing there is a possibility he could not be here with her today. Ray says last Thursday, her first grader went missing from Winfield Elementary School. His parents say they met with the principal who showed them surveillance video of him leaving from a side door. He walked off campus and down County Highway 14. His dad, Wayne Ray, says that was around 9:15 a.m.

"He was missing an hour and no one knew he was gone," said Wayne Ray. "No way, no how should an 8-year-old child get up and walk out a school without no one knowing. That's what upsets me the most. Second most is I wasn't informed until 2 hours later."

Winfield police and surrounding agencies searched for Ryan. Winfield Chief Robert Blaylock says his office was notified at 10:57 a.m. of the missing child. The chief found him at 11:15 a.m. on State Road 253, four miles from the school. The chief says Ryan flagged him down and asked to be taken home. He says Ryan wasn't crying, he was just tired.

"My legs were hurting a lot," said Ryan of his time away from school.

Ryan says he left school because he wanted to go to his grandparents house and that is exactly what he did. When he got there and they weren't home, he took his favorite dog, Dash, and just kept walking.

Jessica Ray says she does not want this to happen again with her child or any other one.

Winfield City Schools Superintendent's Office was contacted and a message was left for Dr. Keith Davis. So far, the message has not been returned.

Ryan's parents did talk with him about never leaving school or anywhere without permission. Ryan says he will not leave school without permission again.

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