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Changes on the way for controversial schools bill


Changes are in the works for a controversial bill affecting Alabama schools.

The State Senate approved changes in the Alabama Accountability Act. Those changes include a new definition for failing schools and new transfer rules.

School districts are still not sure what to make of this. As one North Alabama superintendent said his district is in a very reactive position and they're still unsure as they wind down this school year how this Accountability Act will impact them next year.

The legislature voted Thursday to revise the law so that no school would be required to accept any student transferring from a failing school. Any student who transfers from a failing school to a non-failing public school in a different district would be responsible for transportation.  

The Alabama legislature first passed the bill in February and the governor signed it. This revision is now waiting for the governor's signature to put the changes into law.

Madison City Schools Superintendent Dr. Dee Fowler said the idea to reform education is great, but he's not sold on the plan.

"The legislature's intent was to help failing schools. Well, I think there's several models already out there that have helped failing schools," he said.

Fowler said that includes an incentive based program to keep quality teachers at schools. Tennessee unveiled a similar program this week offering $7,000 signing bonuses to any top teacher willing work in a failing school.

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