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Pharmacist pulls gun on would-be robber


A would-be robber got a surprise Monday morning when a gun was pulled on him after he tried to get drugs from Westside Pharmacy.

Pharmacist Terrell Milby said there have only been two robbery attempts, including today, at the pharmacy in the 15 years he has worked there.

Milby said the man walked into the pharmacy around 8 a.m. and asked to talk with the pharmacist. Milby said he talked to the man for a minute, but after the man noticed there were other customers in the store, he made up an excuse and left. He returned a few minutes later with a note on a napkin that demanded painkillers, adderall and needles. It also said he had a gun.

"I looked at him and I could tell he did not have a gun. I was sure he didn't have a gun, so I showed him mine and told him to get down on the floor," said Milby.

The offender pretended like he was going to get down on the ground and then bolted for the door.

Investigators used surveillance photos to identify the suspect as 22-year-old Noah Jay Davis. Investigators went to his home and found Davis sleeping.

He was arrested and charged with first degree robbery.

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