Be There: MCSD helps military children transition

Be There: MCSD helps military children transition

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Oftentimes when we think about our military, we think about the soldiers making a huge sacrifice: the deployments, the many moves, the separations and the heartfelt homecomings.

What we sometimes forget about is their children who have to pick up and go to another school.

Northside High School in Columbus has 300 military students--- the largest population in the Muscogee County School District.

"A lot of times we just think about the soldiers serving the country but the children actually do also," said Darlene Register, military student transition consultant.

Register is the Military Student Transition Consultant for the district.

"My job is to help the military families when they come into the district maneuver around the district, understand if they have questions they call me, if they need to talk to someone else and really don't know who they need to talk to, give me a call and I'll let them know," Register said.

Currently there are close to 5,400 military students in the school district. Register says many of them have moved 6 to 9 times between kindergarten and 12th grade.

That's why the district works very closely with Fort Benning to make sure students and their parents have the resources they need to make sure the move into their new schools goes smoothly.

"We have our newcomers orientation, we have our monthly care meetings, we also have our school support team that includes the resources that we have in the Muscogee County School District," said Tawanna Brown with Youth Education Support Services. "We're able to outreach to our families providing them resources about the types of programs available."

To reach the Military Student Transition Consultant within the district, call 706-748-2254.

For youth education support services on Fort Benning, call 706-545-3062.

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