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Powerball jackpot now second highest in history


Even though people across the nation have been lining up to buy tickets, nobody matched the winning numbers for the jackpot. 

The grand prize is now $550 million, which is $37 million away from the record.

A Columbus gas station sold one of the smaller awards from Wednesday's drawing that has yet to be claimed. The local ticket holder matched four out of five numbers, plus the Powerball, winning $10,000. Players have been stopping by the Circle K Shell station near the interstate ramp on Airport Thruway, hoping that location's good luck continues.  

"I wish it were me first of all. I think I need to start stopping by here and putting my numbers in here. You know I play it downtown, but I was one of the unlucky ones this time," said Robert Paige.

No matter how big the top prize gets, your chances of winning are always 1 in 175 million.  The only odds that change are your chances of having to split the prize with someone else.  Experts say that circumstance is most likely when the jackpot is near a record, because ticket sales will be near records too.

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