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What's next for Marshall and Edgewood?


After much debate and a unanimous vote from the board, Edgewood Elementary and Marshall Middle schools will close their doors for the final time next Friday. But what happens after next week? 
"There has been no discussion on what's going to happen to the buildings that will be re-purposed," said Communications Director Valerie Fuller.

Edgewood will combine with the Woodall program for students with special needs and behavior issues. While some parents see this as a major concern for students to go to school together in the same building, school board administrators say it shouldn't pose problems. 

"We can keep those facilities - those programs separated from each other through scheduling and good leadership from each other," Melvin Blackwell said. 

What about the students? The proposal recommendeds that students who attend Edgewood be sent to Wesley Heights, Gentian, Brewer, and Rigdon Elementary schools. 

Students who attended Marshall would be sent to Baker, Eddy, and Rothschild.  As for the teachers and staff, will they still have jobs? 

"We still have vacancies that will be coming open, we still have resignations that will be coming in, we still have retirements that are coming in and so once those numbers are better, once we have a better idea of what the vacancies are, then we will be able to determine what the needs are for the district," Fuller said. 

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