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Muscogee County Sheriff's office to clarify policy regarding pregnant employees

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Pregnant employees of The Muscogee County Sheriff's office have been concerned about a new policy recently issued regarding workman compensation. 

A letter released by the Sheriff's office, and signed by Sheriff John Darr, stated, "All employees working within the muscogee county sheriffs office will be required to report to work at full duty. Any Deputy Sheriff or Correctional Officer reporting to work with a medical issue, or documentation that limits their ability to perform their current duty assignment, cannot be permitted to work until they have been cleared by a medical professional."

To the concerned, the letter seemed to require all Sheriff Office employees to work at full capacity unless they have medical excuses.  For pregnant employees, this may have meant working at reduced pay.   

The anonymous email sent to WTVM News Leader 9 suggested that unless an officer can be full duty, she will be required to stay at home and exhaust all sick, vacation, and holiday time. After she uses all of her time, then she will not receive a paycheck until she can return full duty.

Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson says that the email we received is not consistent with the current policy. "We have a light duty policy now," she says. "If you are injured on the job, or if you are pregnant while serving, that you [will] be on light duty and maintain your current pay."

An amendment to the policy had been sent out to employees regarding specific instructions for those employees who are or may become pregnant. This amendment says that pregnant employees will be assigned to a transitional duty assignment in the Columbus Consolidated Government.

Sheriff John Darr is expected to make a statement regarding the policy later today (Thursday) once the policy and procedures have been completed. 

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