QUIZ: How "millennial" are you?

(Photo credit: Getty Images)
(Photo credit: Getty Images)

(WTVM) - Earlier this month, Time magazine posted a quiz on their website that finds out how millennial you are. We've had a lot of fun with this in the office and wanted to pass it on to you! We learned that some of us are young at heart... others, not so much.

0-25%: #EpicFail.
You probably don't know what that means. Let's just say it's not so swell, Daddy-o.

26-50%: Like the Fresh Prince said, sometimes parents just don't understand
You appear to have some millennial tendencies, but it likely embarrasses people when you rap.

51-75%: Baller, but not quite shot caller
Not every millennial believes cupcakes are worth waiting in line for. At least you don't pay for a landline anymore.

Nailed it. Joel Stein even wrote a cover story featuring you, which should help with that affirmation you desire so badly.

Our results:

Roslyn Giles (anchor/reporter) - 80%

Jarrod (videographer) - 75%

Sara Lim (reporter) - 75%

Suzanne Bratton (reporter) - 70%

Jessica (producer) - 70%

Janell (assistant news director) - 65%

Jason Dennis (anchor) - 55%

Lynox (producer) - 55%

Brittany Dionne (reporter) - 50%

Jonathan (videographer) - 50%

Samantha (website/social media) - 50%

Tesia (producer) - 50%

Christina (website/social media) - 45%

Desiree (assignment desk) - 45%

Kelly Bryant (meteorologist) - 45%

Courtney (website/social media) - 40%

Barbara Gauthier (anchor) - 35%

Elizabeth White (reporter) - 35%

Derek Kinkade (chief meteorologist) - 30%

Darryl (news director) - 25%

Cheryl Renee (anchor) - 20%

Austin (producer) - 10%

Dave Platta (sports anchor) - 5%