Be on the lookout for pink eye in your children

Be on the lookout for pink eye in your children

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The word from Columbus Regional Medical Center is more children are visiting the doctor's office...all because of pink eye.

The symptoms of pink eye include red, tearful eyes with thick, yellow drainage.

This common eye problem is mostly caused by virus, bacteria and allergy. Pollen is the big culprit this time of year, sparking the infection.

April Hartman, a pediatrician at Columbus Regional, says there is an easy way to avoid the eye infection.

"Pink eye is contagious. when one gets a pink eye you know more will be getting it,” said Hartman. “The absolute best way to avoid getting pink eye is to wash your hands...for everything. Wash your hands, wash your hands.”      

Children should stay away from others after they receive at least 24 hours of treatment to avoid spreading infection to others.       

Pink eye is usually treated with allergy medications. Doctors suspect this is going around some of the local daycare centers.

When employees suspect the infection, they call the guardians immediately. 

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