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Parents of gay, underage daughter defend position after being labeled "gay bashers"

(WTVM) -

A Florida family is speaking out after their daughter becomes involved in a same sex battery case.

Laurie and Jim Smith say they are being labeled as gay bashers, but claim their issue is not with the homosexuality, but with the age difference. They warned 18-year-old Kate Hunt twice to stop seeing their 14-year-old daughter.

Hunt is currently being prosecuted for having a sexual relationship with the Smith's daughter. 

Both teens say their relationship was consensual, but Florida law states that a 14-year-old is not able to give consent to sexual activity. 

The Smiths say their underage daughter began to act out, and one weekend morning, they opened her door and she was gone.     

"'My gosh somebody took her!' is what we thought because her running away was the furthest thing from our minds" say the Smiths. "We thought, you know, hearing kids getting abducted... stuff like that... out of your home that was the heart-wrenching part of it." 

Hunt was found with the 14-year-old after she was reported missing.

Laurie Smith says she supports her daughter and will be an advocate for what she needs. 

The Smiths are under special protection as the threats against them continue to escalate. 


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