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WTVM 5/29/13 Editorial: Schools closing good business decision

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It was an unpopular decision.

The Muscogee County School Board unanimously voted to close two schools for good - Edgewood Elementary and Marshall Middle schools.

Parents are very upset, some telling us on Facebook that the school board members all need to be voted out and they're not doing what's best for the children.

"We are empathetic about it, but business decisions have to be made," said the interim superintendent.

In all honesty, this was a good business decision, especially with all the cuts to funding lately and here's why:

Closing the pair of schools is projected to save the school district nearly $10 million in the next fiscal year alone.

That helps all Muscogee County teachers, students, and parents.

So why choose Edgewood and Marshall to shut down? Because they're smaller schools.

To get complete or maximum state funding for an elementary school, the capacity needs to be at or above 450.

For middle schools, the magic number is 624. Neither of the schools we're talking about was close to that.

The alternative was worse-- 13 furlough days for Muscogee County School District employees.

That's not only a big cut in all teachers' pay, but two-and-a-half more weeks that your children would not be in the classroom.

Rest assured, the nearly 600 students from Edgewood and Marshall will have schools to go to.

We also hope all of the 100 faculty members involved are able to land on their feet with new jobs soon.

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