Study: Daily sunscreen use 24% more effective than occasional use to prevent skin aging

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(WTVM) - A recent study conducted in Nambour, Australia gives you another reason to slather on the sunscreen this summer.

It finds that people who apply sunscreen daily showed little to no signs of skin aging – even in middle age.

After four-and-a-half years, those who applied sunscreen daily to their skin had no detectable skin aging and had 24% less aging of the skin than those who used sunscreen only some of the time.

The study was conducted with 903 participants younger than fifty-five. The study was restricted to those under 55 because their skin aging is caused primarily by the sun opposed to getting older.

Molds were made of the back of the participant's hands and were evaluated for aging at the start and end of the four-and-a-half-year study. When the molds were compared researchers saw no progressive or increased aging among the group who used sunscreen regularly compared with more severe progressive aging in those who did not use sunscreen on a regular basis.

The study also looked into the effect of beta-carotene supplements on skin aging. It did not find a benefit to beta-carotene supplements to reduce skin aging.

So make sure you get your daily dose of SPF 15!

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