Changes coming to downtown Auburn, Toomer’s Corner

Changes coming to downtown Auburn, Toomer’s Corner

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - Auburn University and city leaders are looking to turn around a sad situation surrounding the poisoned and now gone oaks at Toomer's Corner.

Toomer's Corner is famous for turning lemons into lemonade. After all, the Toomer's Drugs version of the bittersweet southern drink is legendary.

So it seems appropriate city and university leaders are doing the same, now that the beloved oaks at Toomer's Corner are gone.

The city has contracted an Atlanta design firm to refresh downtown.

The intersection will be redone with brick pavers or stamped concrete, with gigantic stone arches.

Shoppers and diners will see large landscaped sidewalks, with plenty of outdoor eating and rest areas plus additional parking.

"This is an opportunity for us to take what was a bad situation and look to redeveloping the area, and create a new future and make this intersection even more iconic than it already is," said Kevin Cowper, Auburn assistant city manager.

The massive project goes hand in hand with university plans to redo the square where oaks once stood.

The plan involves two new oaks, but they won't be ready to roll for three years.

So this week, three concrete pillars were buried 7 feet into the ground, and cables will be run between the three pillars in the shape of a v, for fans to roll.

The city did some tests rolls on the wires while they were set up at public works, and sent us these exclusive pictures.

City leaders say the cable system will look a lot better than those pictures, after thousands of fans cover the cables with toilet paper. This is just a temporary fix until new trees can be planted

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