Three sports on the chopping block for 2020 Olympic Games

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(WTVM) - The International Olympic Committee (IOC) will decide which sport will stay in the 2020 Olympics: wrestling, baseball-softball, or squash.

In addition to the 25 core sports, golf and seven-on-seven rugby will be added to the 2016 and 2020 Games. But IOC rules only allow 28 sports, which leaves only one spot open.

Karate, sport climbing, roller sports, wake-boarding, and the Chinese martial art wushu were all cut.

Baseball and softball appear to have the lowest odds of being included. The sports are not very popular in Europe, although it does have support in Asia and Latin America. Squash has a large presence in the IOC, but it isn't played in poorer countries or the wealthier ones, either.

But wrestling is practiced almost everywhere.

In February the IOC made the decision to not include wrestling in the 25 core group of sports that had a guaranteed spot in the 2020 Games. FILA, wrestling's international federation, made a world-wide campaign to save Olympic wrestling. They aimed to please the IOC by changing the sport's rules to be easier to understand and encourage aggressiveness.

The IOC will vote on which sport will stay in September.

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