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Woman found dead inside vacant downtown Columbus house


Neighbors said the address where a woman was found dead Saturday is frequently the scene of trespassing and illegal activity.

It happened at the house directly across the street from Little Joe's Package Store on Sixth Street near the intersection with Third Avenue.  Nathaniel Bolden called 911 after discovering the body and described her as a woman in her 50s. He saw her last week buying something at Little Joe's and while he doesn't know her name, he recognized she was wearing the same outfit.

Today, her body is already beginning to decompose.  Bolden said he was sitting across the street from the house when an unknown man asked for his help to wake up a sleeping woman.

 "I said, well, she doesn't look like she's moving, let me shake here a little bit, so we shook her, and then she didn't respond, so I told her that I need to leave because this is the first time that I've seen a real dead decomposing body," said Bolden.

 No one has lived in the house for quite some time, but neighbors say they see plenty of people coming in and out on a regular basis. 

 "I've been here over thirty years, and I can look out my window and see everything that goes on over there.  They have women over there, they do drugs over there, and nobody cares to do anything about it.  You can see people out here doing everything you want to see, because there's just no respect," said Diane Willis.

"When I first got here a long time ago, I knew that homeless people were going back and forth into the house. So maybe if it was that, it may have been related to drugs and then maybe someone may have tried to abuse her body too- being in a house like that," said Bolden.

The Muscogee County Coroner is currently working to confirm the woman's identity and track down her next of kin.  Her exact cause of death is unknown, but investigators have ruled out foul play.  They believe she died from some type of natural circumstances, but they do not know what she was doing inside that abandoned house.

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