For the third year, USA not among top 10 happiest countries

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(WTVM) - The U.S. seems to have a case of the red, white, and blues.

The Better Life index rates 36 countries in 11 areas including income, education, health, work-life balance, and life satisfaction, to determine the happiest countries. 24/7 Wall St. reviewed this Index and ranked the countries based on life satisfaction alone.

Dropping three spots this year, the U.S. ranks 14th place in life satisfaction, despite the fact that it had the highest disposable income of any country and a high rate of self-reported good health. This suggests that life satisfaction encompasses more than just income or health.

Of the other 10 categories of quality of life, jobs seem to play the biggest role. Of the 10 countries with the highest life satisfaction, eight had among the 10 highest employment rates.

Good health also greatly affects life satisfaction. In seven of the 10 countries, there was a better-than-average number of residents reporting good health. In Canada, 88% of respondents reported being in good or better health, compared to the OECD average of 69%.

Here is the list:

1. Switzerland

2. Norway

3. Iceland

4. Sweden

5. Denmark

6. Netherlands

7. Austria

8. Canada

9. Finland

10. Mexico

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