Summer swimming safety tips

Summer swimming safety tips

(WTVM) - Experts say summertime fun can turn deadly fast if you and your children aren't prepared for the water.

According to the CDC, 10 people die every day in accidental drownings, and for children ages one to four drowning is the number one killer, besides birth defects.

Experts say safety in and around the water begins first with swimming lessons at an early age.

Auburn Health Plus offers an infant swimming resource class.

Take a look at the video on the ISR website of infants falling into the water, turning themselves over then floating as they wait for help.

Along with swimming lessons, experts say parents you have to stay alert. Drowning is a silent killer.

It happens quickly and quietly and looks nothing like how it's portrayed in the movies..

"There is no distress, no calling for help, no flailing of the arms, they just sink to the bottom," said swim coach Dee Watson.

Watson runs the Auburn Parks and Rec aquatic program. They offer swim classes for all ages and encourage parents to get their kids enrolled at age six months. Classes are $40 for a complete session.

Along with lessons, and being alert, make sure the pool near you has a barrier to keep children out

Use life jackets and wear them all the time on the lake.

Stay away from alcohol; it impairs your judgment on the water.

No matter how safe you are, tragic accidents can be that person that knows CPR, because you could save a life.

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