Summer stingers: how to avoid getting stung

(WTVM) - School's out and summer has officially started!

Families will visit parks, barbeque and spend their days out in the sun...but what about wasps, mosquitoes and other insects that always bother people especially during summer?

Yellow jackets, fire ants and other annoying insects send hundred-thousand people to the emergency room every year.

May, June and July are the peak months for these insects to injure and annoy people.

Luckily, there are a few ways to avoid getting stung by them. Check out the video for some of these tips.

Ken Toomay, the center manager for Arrow Exterminators, say these insects can be spotted as early as March and up to November, depending on the weather, temperature and humidity.

Ultimately, it helps to keep your house clean, take out the trash as soon as possible and keep desserts and other sugary food in tightly sealed containers.

It's also important to remove unnecessary vegetation and standing water around home to keep these insects away.

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