Stay healthy this summer with these important tips

(WTVM) - Summer is almost here…meaning it's going to get even hotter and there are a few precautions people need to take to protect themselves from the heat.

Many are excited for summer and what the season brings, but there are some injuries and illnesses people have to watch out for.

Heat exhaustion kills an average of more than 30 adults a year in the United States.

We spoke with Dr. George Shannon, family physician with Horizon's Diagnostic, gave some great tips to stay safe this summer on everything from swimmer's ear to heat stroke. Take a look and check out the video.

Dr. Shannon also says it's important to check the temperatures outside to make sure people prepare for the heat.

It's very important to wear light-colored clothes and stay hydrated this time of the year.

Also, the "Safety Stand Down" plan started Tuesday in Alabama, Georgia and other southern states. It asks the workers to take a one hour break to protect themselves from heat exhaustion.

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