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Smoking alcohol, a dangerous weight loss trend

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In the latest craze that aims to get the body drunk in the most creative way possible, how about this dangerous innovation– smoking alcohol.

The practice is popular among people who want to lose weight by avoiding the calories that are in alcohol. A person can pour alcohol over dry ice and inhale it directly, or create their own vaporizing kit using a bike pump.

When the alcohol is inhaled, it goes straight from the lungs into brain and bloodstream, making a person drunk very quickly. But, the risks are more dangerous than the effects. People who smoke alcohol are more susceptible to getting alcohol poisoning and possibly overdosing. When people drink too much alcohol, the body prevents an overdose by vomiting. But when the alcohol bypasses the stomach and liver, the body cannot get rid of it. 

It is also harmful for the lungs and nasal passages.

Like many other fads, there are countless YouTube videos of drinkers inhaling and smoking alcohol. Adolescents are also susceptible to this because they are prone to novel fads. 

The trend has caught on commercially. Smoking alcohol is also available in bars in all 50 states. Vaportini comes in many flavors ranging from Absolut to Don Julio. The website for Vaportini calls the invention "a revolutionary new way of consuming alcohol." 

The prevalence of the fad is unknown, but it goes to show that when it comes to drinking and getting drunk, creativity knows no bounds.

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