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Columbus residents express mixed feelings over Need for Speed filming

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Thursday, June 6, marks day three of filming for the upcoming movie Need for Speed, and residents are expressing their various opinions about the project. 

The Dreamworks project is drawing national attention to the area, and local businesses are benefiting. However, the situation is also bringing traffic jams and unusual congestion.

Yesterday, in addition to the 13th Street Bridge being closed, a low-flying helicopter stopped traffic on the Dillingham Bridge for about 30 minutes as filmmakers executed spectacular car stunts.

An anonymous caller was stuck in traffic for over an hour due to the filming. She expressed frustration that her tax dollars are going to waste over a bridge she can't use.  Others have expressed similar frustration over social media.

Rebecca Chester thinks it's ridiculous that the 13th Street Bridge is shut down for filming. "It's backed-up," she says. "People don't have time in their schedules for it, and so they're late, and some people are getting fussy with it. We've almost had a couple of fender-benders with people coming through."

Still, there are many who are excited about a major film being made in their hometown, including crowds of spectators who show-up to the river each day to watch the car stunts.  

Spectator Jennifer Hardy thinks the filming is exciting.  "I think it's going to bring people in," she says. "There's a lot of excitement going on downtown."

David Culpepper from Phenix City was in the crowd both Tuesday and Wednesday. He says the experience will affect the way he watches the movie in the theater.

"You feel like you're part of what's going on, you know, so when you see the movie you can figure out where you were when they were filming," says Culpepper. "It's pretty neat. They've had a couple other movies that I never got to come down and see, so it's interesting."

Several of our viewers have expressed their opinions on our Facebook page. See the responses and join the conversation here.

The 13th Street Bridge will remain closed until noon on Saturday, June 8. Other suggested routes include J.R. Allen Parkway, Dillingham Bridge, Victory Drive, and Oglethorpe Bridge.

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