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Home invasion robbers demand money, hold child at gunpoint


A woman and young child were held at gunpoint as two armed robbers ransacked their home.

It happened just after 11 a.m. on Wilder Drive in Columbus.

The victim believes a jealous ex-boyfriend- upset about their break up- sent the men to rob her for revenge.

The young girl, who was inside the house when the armed intruders broke in, is visiting from Atlanta to visit her grandmother.

So far, it has not been the relaxing summer vacation that she envisioned when she came here to escape the stress of big city life.

She has only been in Columbus since Friday and someone has already put a gun to her head.

After the two men broke down a side door and forced their way inside, they told the woman and child to stay in a bathroom.  They wanted money, and according to the victim, they especially wanted a cell phone.

Debra Lyles is the victim's mother and she rushed home as soon as she heard what happened.

 "I was at work when she called me crying, and told me what happened and it shook me up," said Lyles.

It was a traumatizing experience for the girl and following the day's events, she told her grandmother she doesn't want to stay at the house anymore. 

"That was terrible to take a gun and put it up to those children's heads, I'm glad they didn't kill them.  But it's just the thought of it.  They know they don't have anything, why would they want to come in here and break in on them for?  People know who got and who don't. They knew exactly where to go to get the girl's money, so somebody had told them," said the victim's aunt, Pam Moody.

The victim's family has already developed a suspect.  They say the biggest clue came when the gunmen were so insistent on finding a cell phone that was given to her by an ex-boyfriend.

"They used to talk and he bought her some gifts, so that's why he's been saying a lot of negative things that we feel led up to this," said Lyles.

 "I really don't want to say who I really feel like I know did it, but he knows who he is. He just needs to be a man, stop sending little boys over to do your job, and just let the girl go. She don't want you no more," said Moody. 

Moody said the same words over the phone to the man she believes is responsible as police were still investigating the crime scene.  Moody said the man responded by denying his involvement, but she is still confident it was him.

 "I just have that feeling, God forgive me if I'm wrong, but I just have that gut feeling." 

 Police have not yet released a description of the suspects nor have they confirmed if they agree with the family's suspicions. 

The victim said the criminals knew exactly where to find the money and got away with over $2,000.00

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