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EXCLUSIVE: Columbus family catch car thieves on camera


A Columbus family is fed up with crime in their neighborhood after someone marched on their property stealing possessions worth thousands of dollars.

We spoke exclusively with the family who say they need your help catching a trio of carjackers.

The small Birchwood community in Columbus looks like your average cul-de-sac; however, many of the neighbors are installing security cameras.

They say that crime is increasing in their neighborhood.

"I feel very violated because nobody seems to want to do anything about it," Angela Crutchfield says.

Crutchfield says her family was sound asleep when three men walked up to their home during the wee hours of the morning.

"[They] hooked up my husband's work trailer; a 16 ft V-nose full of construction tools to the back of his truck, hot wired the truck, and trailer drove out of the neighborhood."

Crutchfield explains the thieves got away with nearly $60,000 worth of property but they didn't get away before their pictures were taken.

Surveillance cameras at the victim's home and two of their neighbor's home caught the hijackers coming into the community.

You can see the men walk by; one stops and looks directly at the camera; seconds later two men are seen running out of the neighborhood with the third driving the stolen property behind them.

Crutchfield's husband has been a contractor for more than 25 years. All his tools worth nearly $30,000 were inside the vehicles.

The Ford F250 truck was found nearly 120 miles away.

"In DeKalb County stripped to the bone. No motor; no transmission; no bumper; no grill; no seats; no gages. Everything was taken," Crutchfield says.

They stripped the truck down to the air vents but something else surprised the family about the truck.

"When we pulled up we see a truck sitting there and it has tires on it, and it has a grill on it, but they weren't the original parts. They took the chrome parts off and replaced them with work truck parts," says Crutchfield.

As for the trailer with all the tools,

"The trailer has not been seen. Not been recovered," says Crutchfield.

The Crutchfield's say since the robbery they have beefed up security by adding additional higher quality cameras. They say their neighbors are following suit.

"I'd really like for the citizens of Columbus to be aware of what goes on in our city. Since this has happened, there have been numerous incidents in the neighborhood that we had no idea that happened," Crutchfield says.

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