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Local groups help AL employers, employees learn new "Guns in the Parking Lot" Act

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Come August 1, every employer in Alabama will be affected by Act 283, commonly known as "Guns in the parking lot act."

This new law enables employees to have a gun in a locked compartment in their car while at work.

"It doesn't mean they can carry them in the work place, it doesn't mean they can carry them when they're ever at work, but it does mean under Alabama law beginning August first that they will have a right to store them in their vehicle out of plain view," explains Tommy Eden of management labor law firm of Constangy, Brooks and Smith.

The Alabama Cooperative Extension System, the Alabama Chapter of the National Federation of Independent Business, the management labor law firm of Constangy, Brooks and Smith, and the Lee County Sheriff's Office have joined forces to eliminate any confusion this new law may bring by creating a two-part webinar. 

"It contains some comprehensive, contemporary, and pertinent information that will help employers understand elements of what this new act entails," says Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones.

The webinar advises that employers adopt a written policy about workplace violence before August to make sure all employees understand procedures.

"Some may actually welcome the idea of guns in the parking lot and those are going to be what we call the "don't ask don't tell" policies, which means as an employer don't ask your employees if they have a gun in the parking lot, if you are an employees don't tell your employer," explains Eden. "Others are going to have a more strict interpretation of what employers are going to do."

In any case, every employer needs to consider developing a relationship now with local law enforcement before an issue of workplace violence ever arises.

"Our local businesses should make an effort and certainly we make the effort to establish a relationship with businesses in the communities because the information they provide us helps us provide good information to them in return. Everything from crime prevention tips to making sure your businesses is a safe environment," says Jones.

The training, hosted by Eden along with NFIB/Alabama State Director Rosemary Elebash and Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones, is available at http://bit.ly/13hDF0x.  It is also viewable on any mobile device as well as Alabama Extension's YouTube channel or website: http://www.aces.edu.

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