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Teen mentor expresses concerns about lifting age limit on Plan B contraceptive

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Girls of any age can purchase the morning-after pills off the drugstore shelves, since there is no age limit on Plan-B One Step anymore.

The federal administration decided not to appeal, but comply with a plan to allow girls of any age to buy emergency contraception pills.

While some are excited, concerns are also being raised. Marie Slayton, the program director for Teens Empowerment Awareness with Resolutions (TEARS) spoke about the danger of allowing young girls to freely purchase the morning-after pills.

"Child molesters or sexual abusers, whether they are family members or non-family members, can force you to take these pills," said Slayton. "Furthermore, the pills can also increase the risk of promiscuity. Some girls can say, ‘alright, I don't have to worry about getting pregnant...because I can just go ahead and take a pill next morning!"

However, some young girls might not realize that emergency contraception pills do not act as prevention or protection for sexually transmitted illnesses. Now that parental consent and doctor's prescription are no longer required to purchase these pills, it is important that these girls understand any risks involved.

"You don't have to go to your mom or your guardian for permission when taking the pill," Slayton explained. "That's dangerous because what happens if you have a reaction to the pill? Now you're in pain and you've scared your parents to death."

The White House Administration is not allowing all brands of contraception pills to be available on the drugstore shelves; it's just the Plan B Step One pill.

These pills are expensive since they cost about $40 to $50. While its generic brand cost $10 to $20  cheaper, the White House Spokesman, Jay Carney, explained that this particular decision was made to address some concerns about the ability of younger girls to use the emergency contraception.

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